20 October 2014 – Tuesday, from 10.00 to 18.00

Handicraft workshops, presentations by folk art masters, stands of folk-related manufacturers.

The activities will be carried our in the spaces of the halls, arts studios and auditorium of the Youth Centre in Lodz. The arrangement and setting design of the program activities will give impression of a big factory, filled with workshop stands. The project will involve the creators of folklore art, enthusiasts of crafts based on folklore and ethno, graphic artists, designers and students of the Technical University of Lodz, the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. In the factory, each visitor will be able to manufacture on their own or purchase a ready-made craftwork product. The activities will be attended by guests from abroad, who will present their cultures’ traditional handicraft. The factory will include the following stands: ceramics and sculpture, artistic jewelry, sewing, ironing on T-shirts, basketry, wood carving, lace making, Belarusian straw, Ukrainian pleats, various arts studio, painting on glass and wood, dumpling making, small weaving forms, folk decoupage folk and other. Workshops in handicraft factory will be dedicated mainly for school students who will be invited to the handicrafts factory but also to seniors.

The workshops will be attended by 200 students of Lodz and Lodz province, 250 festival participants from abroad and the festival audience of 200 people.