Meetings and trainingfor volunteers

In June and July, two more meetings for volunteers who will work on the organization of the 4th International Festival of Youth Creativity “Folk Inspirations” were carried out within the project ART–VOLUNTEERING. During the second part of the training titled “Best Practices in Volunteering”, the participants discovered rules and principles of realization of the Festival tasks, the next stages of the project and the methods of project management. Above all, they had the opportunity to meet the coordinators of various program activities of the festival who talked about the ideas and concepts for these activities and the current stage of their implementation.

The meetingwas devoted toissue oftolerance. During the workshop, volunteers analyzed thesemanticsof conceptsin the area of​​tolerance, identified the verbal clichés andstereotypes,andlearnedthe techniques and methodsof education fortolerance. They discovered the elements of the Roma people’s culture, among others.

ART-VOLUNTEERING project is implemented by VENAE ARTIS Association in partnership with J. Tuwim Youth Palace in Lodz, Foundation for Promotion and Support of Creativity CONVIVO and Ukrainian Organization SCOUTS OF KYIV. The project is funded by the Civic Initiatives Fund Program.