The 4th International Festival of Youth Creativity FOLK INSPIRATIONS in Lodz is a 5-day cultural event that includes a variety of educational and cultural events for children and young people, students and adults – altogether approximately 3,000 people. Interdisciplinary and multicultural events are addressed to the inhabitants of the city of Lodz and Lodz region and to the international community.

The festival offers multiple activities in the field of education through culture and widely acknowledged realm of intercultural learning of native culture and other nations’ cultures.

The 4th edition of the festival involves a variety of activities (dance, music, design, culinary, handicrafts and intercultural workshops, concerts and music projects, exhibitions and artistic exhibitions, film and multimedia shows) under the following thematic modules: LODZ MULTICULTURAL MIX, FOLK ON PIOTRKOWSKA STREET, GOLDEN BOAT COMPETITION, ETNORYTHMS, CRAFTWORK FACTORY, FOLK DESIGN, POPROCKFOLK STAGE, and the FAIR OF TASTES. During the festival, the following projects are also planned to be carried out: “United by Dance”, “United by Folk, Culture and Design”, “Art-volunteering”, “Active Young and Media.”

Festival offers the possibility of social activity in the sphere of culture both for young people and active seniors who wish to develop their passions.

The 1st edition of the Festival (2011) was called „Folk is O.K.!”, the 2nd (2012) – „Folk of Different Regions”, the 3rd (2013) edition’s title was „United by Folk!”. The 4th edition in 2014 will be held under the name ETHNORYTHMS.


Projekt współfinansowany ze środków województwa łódzkiego.
logo_Lodz_kreuje_logo Projekt współfinansowany ze środków miasta Łódź.