The awards are ready now!!

Ceramic Workshop at the Youth Centre in Lodz is working in full steam to make sure that the winners of this year’s “Golden Boat” receive unique statuettes in music (vocal, dance, instrumental) and fine arts competitions (photography, artistic and design). The author of the statuettes project, Marta Rolicz, revealed the secrets of their creation, though let us keep we will their appearance in secret.

Until it turns into the award, the clay is subjected to tedious processing. It is shaped and the patterns – unchanged for years symbols of FOLK INSPIRATIONS and Golden Boat are impressed. After three days of drying the product goes into the oven for 24 hours. In the end, after firing, the statuettes are painted proper colors (gold, silver and bronze). Thus prepared awards wait for the Gala Concert in WYTWORNIA to go to the lucky winners